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China pipes may be imposed high anyi-dumping duties
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Sino-US trade and then knot the "new Christine Leung," will probably be a further escalation of trade friction. Following the September 11 U.S. President Barack Obama's final ruling on punitive tariffs on Chinese tires after the September 17, there has been news that the United States Steel Corporation to the U.S. Department of Commerce has submitted an application requires some imports from China Pipe impose a maximum 90% of the anti-dumping and countervailing duties. At the same time, out of Argentina to represent, or refer to the previous practice of Brazil and the United States, originating in China's automobile tire anti-dumping investigation.

The World Trade Organization and the Center for Economic Policy Research think-tank co-ordinate the monitoring service, "Global Trade Alert," has just released a study showing that countries around the world against the protectionist measures are not taken the commitment, is preparing to put 130 protectionist measures, mentioned in the report prepared to implement protectionist measures in countries Russia, South Africa and Japan. A global trade protectionism began to spread.

China or the risk of further anti-dumping

It is understood that United States Steel Corporation to submit to the relevant departments of the aspirations of targeted imports from China worth 400 million U.S. dollars for the petrochemical industry, refineries and other related businesses of steel pipes. "The United States Steel Corporation was filed for steel pipe imports from China imposed 60% or more of the anti-dumping duties, as well as 15% to 30% of the countervailing duties." U.S. steel company lawyer Roger Schagrin disclosed that in September earlier India and Mexico, respectively, companies have similar products for Chinese enterprises made a similar demand.

"Baosteel has been paying close attention to the matter." Chen Ying, Deputy General Manager of Baosteel told the reporter yesterday, "As the final verdict has not yet come out, now is not convenient to disclose more."

It is understood that Baosteel Group and Hunan Valin Steel Company's exports of domestic steel production is expected to account for more than 50%, once the U.S. Steel Company were approved, the related iron and steel enterprises will undoubtedly have an impact.

Of course, seem to be affected not only the domestic steel industry. Recently, the Argentine government said it would refer to Brazil's approach to the origin of China's automobile tire anti-dumping investigation. May then be used on car tires produced in China to impose anti-dumping duties. Previously, Brazil decided that with effect from September 9, 65,70 imports from China two series of 13-inch, 14 inch, model cars for the 165,175,185 tire levy surcharge of USD 0.75 per kg the implementation period of 5 years. If Argentina finally decided to levy anti-dumping duties, which means that China's tire exports of the Americas will therefore close the door or.

Verdict is not optimistic

"It can not be ruled out U.S. leaders to 'worries' to make steel products in China the possibility of adverse decisions." Yan Ming Yan-ming, senior attorney law firm that, after all, Obama in the implementation of new policies need to be more support, which requires him to live in stability and related businesses for more benefits.

"However, as the banner of global trade liberalization, the United States in world trade has been subjected to the relevant countries to respect and support. Once again, long after the United States against Chinese steel pipe to take pairs of counter-measures will not only further damage Sino-US bilateral between trade interests and mutual trust, and also detrimental to the United States in the WTO's position, as well as other countries in the world trade. "Yan-ming.

Yan-ming further pointed out that "In addition, for businesses involved in the case related to iron and steel, and now the most important thing is to prepare the relevant materials, to take positive action, will constitute the cost of steel products to the United States and many other contents of publicity in order to prove that they do not comply with the anti-dumping anti-subsidy the conditions. "

The continuing spread of trade protectionism

The United States opened a bad head, trade protectionist sentiment, or are spreading all over the world.

"In the financial crisis and safeguard the case of Sino-US tire against the backdrop of the final results, and now the countries of the related industries may be more prone to impulsive behavior, to make file for Chinese products." Yan-ming, said that this is China's need to pay attention in trade important issues.

Obama's tire special protection case precedent, in the global financial crisis may make individual countries to follow the United States, "'s lead," after another to launch new initiatives to protect its own trade.

"Global trade, warning" the study said, the world may be introduced in addition to 130 protectionist measures, even more terrifying is that countries have made the number of discriminatory trade measures to promote trade liberalization measures and the ratio of the number of 6:1, there are data showing that many protective measures are directed against China, the areas covered by the major automotive and agricultural products.
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