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Occupational Health
Company occupational health, safety and environment concept.

1 The core concept:show loving care for life, the responsibility for the day.

2 Work:Taking man as the foundation, lies in the leadership, the emphasis in primary, core their posts.

3 Values:Peace is the happiness and security that benefits

4 Aesthetics:Life safety and beautiful

5 Family:A man of peace, the whole family happiness

6 The entreneurial spirit:Safety and environmental protection work is only the starting point of no end, only better not the best.

7 Team spirit:I am in charge of security, others I have the responsibility of safety my duty.

8 Behavior concept:Keep discipline, stay away from illegal.

9 Mnaagement idea:All accidents can be prevented and controlled.

10 The supervision concept:The ruthless management, love their staff.

11 Training philosophy:Safety training is the largest employee benefits.

12 The environmental protection concept:The elimination of pollution from the source.

13 Occupational health concept:Love life, advocating healthy

14 Goals:Zero injury, zero pollution, zero accident.

15 Vision:To stay away from the accident, peace and happiness.

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