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Talent Strategy
Hebei changfeng group,founded in 1977,is a 30 years old enterprises.In 2004 the copmany implementation of Group Management System,and the reform of collective enterprises into private enterprises.Private enterprises do not,many people think the reason is implementation of the family,called cronyism,poor management not scientific.CEO Yongli Ma and General Manager Yongqiang Ma think both from the operational mechanism and management,family enterprises are essental in China.And on the strategy for enterprise excellence,family enterprises can be made by stronger.For instance,the Japanese Matsushita group,thailands Chia Tai group,Dupont of the United states.

Our groups strategy of talent adhere to the following two critera:

Firstly,loyalty is more important than worth.The talents strategy is talent and trusted associates both to use.Appoint people on their merits is to develop,cronyism is to stabilize.Developing in stability and development of guarantee stability.Two leaders are also very clear about many people query of family business. To stabilize,you will go to extremes,loyalty is more important than worth,if further develop,there will be no more valuable than talent.Thin has led to many family enterprises shortage of talent,employing unfair,without a good environment in the enterprises, eventually lose the competitiveness of enterprises and the people.To this end,our group has adopted the strategy of talent: the ability to 80%,the work to 90%,the salary to 100%.We do not require staff are perfact,group will provide adequate resources and opportunities for talents.Allowing employees to upgrade themselves,If you do better,well give you best salary.In addition to maintain stability,require staff and business development at the same time,achieve a win-win benefits.

Secondly,his vigorous,tolerant of other,on the trusted more stringent.Using the family member of the family business is inevitable in the group work.Group management is taking family as a resource to use.Members of the family are a real and reliable resources from anywhere,instead of wait-and-see attitude and beneficiary of the shelf.Loose left staff,strictness left to themselves and their families.

Taking man as the foundation of Changfeng Group.The implement of a comprehensive scientific production management.All the employees of different positions, different technical requirements , different job functions,through systematical,professional and scientific training,organize a number of professional,knowledge,scientific,who have lofty ideals,moral production team.Our company go by the joint efforts of all staff through the baptism of market economy and tests.Changfengs person are hard work and dedication, with our high-quality products,excellent reputation make greater contributions to the society.

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