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Changfeng Steel Construction
Changfeng Steel Structure Engineering co.,Ltd is a enterprise of design, manufacturing, sales and installation. Majro undertaking integrated production of various color steel plate and building steek structure. Key products include H steel,C.Z steel, Color steel plate, clad plate and its annexes. Annual production capacity of 12,000 tons,color plates of 500,000 square meters, have steel production line, cold-formed purl production line, profililing steel plate production line, composite plate production line and so on. The major equipment import from the United States and China famous enterprises. Including 14 Lin Kenhan machines, micro-computer control of color pressed machine, Mohamed Benaissa Numerical control cutting machine, multiple machine, NC drilling machine,cutting machine, sriaightening machine, assemblage and more cranes for indoor and outdoor. After advanced digital color composite sandwich panel production line, digital color steel frame structure production line for making steel frame, another blast and anticorrosion treatment or galvanized processing, unique wind, seismic, light and heat insulation, sound insulation characteristics, maling it a beautiful scenery.

Our group is people-oriented and merit good, establish a check constraint machaniam for the implemntation of different capable personnel, improve the responsibility of work..Establishment of talent incentive mechaniam, fully arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of capable personnel, build a professional and scientific team. Busniess team under the leadership of CEO Yongli Ma and General manager Yongqiang Ma , common under the tests, faced to the challenges of the global economy in the new century. We adhere to market-oriented, absorb advanced management concepts and science technology in the world today. From start to improve their overall strength, pioneering spirit and sense of dedication, scientific and strict, strive for excellence. Our quality products, excellent reputation make greater contributions to the society.

Under the support of leaders at all levels, in all the friends warmly help, with the joint efforts of all staff, Changfeng Group is jumbo fight:Airbus vs. boeings majestic magnificent courageously forge ahead in the spring tide of the market economy.

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