aa Hebei Changfeng Steel Tube Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd.
Group Profile
The enterprise culture is the source power of the modern enterprises developing, so that the whole ship to beat up, and its throughout the enterprise staff to achieve common ideal and pursuit of the whole process.
Company philosophy
Cultual core:people-oriented,customer as the center and serve  the community,teamwork and innovation.
Core values:their innovative cooperation and development
Enterprise: leaning, innoation, share weal and woe , abide by the promise.
Business Ethics:integrity and honesty manners.
Corporate goals:building a first-class international specialization steel tube-making enterprises.
Talent Strategy:To cultivate first and the introduction of the secondary good use of talent deep potential.
Service concept:Realizing the Maximum of customer value.
Marketing concept:the credit for this mutually beneficial and win-win.
Enterprise identity and meaning:

Company logo is Changfeng Group Feng written letter F-oriented thinking. ARC patttern give full play to the characteristics of the industries.Getting deep dark gray color on behalf of the enrerprise to seek with product quality and product diversification. Three red arrow has strong vitality, full of vigor and vitality, representatives of business-wise in todays business operations and trend of enterprise unity cant be held back indicates that enterprise of gradual and orderly progress , innovation,towards greater glories. Basic industry characteristics and demands of enterprise idea.

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